After taking a few months off from the blogging world, I just sat down and started typing.

Oh how I have missed sharing and connecting.

There have been so many times that I’ve thought, “Man, I want to post about this or that…”

Then, I would think, “Ugh, I can’t jump back on the wagon on that note…”

So, here I am jumping back in on our wedding anniversary.

I love you, baby. =)

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:::A note before reading – I realize my header and menu bar are not loaded correctly. Hopefully, I can get this fixed by the end of the day.::: I feel like it has been an eternity since I wrote about my heart. Truth is things have gone really well for the past year. My monthly […]

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Mardi Gras in Mobile



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Eggs Baked in Avocado with Cheddar


Let me preface this, my first recipe post, by stating that I am not a cook; I do not do it for “fun”; I  simply love good food and when that collides with time spent on Pinterest things like this happen. Good things. I am always looking to add some variation to my diet, and […]

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Something I learned today: A Lens Consideration


Pin It Click here to learn more about Kent’s composition and night photography classes.

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“Hands” [#FEBphotoaday] No.3


It is such an honor to be a Woman of Heart for the American Heart Association this year. Fact: Heart disease kills more women than ALL the cancers COMBINED. Today is National Go Red day; GO RED for a woman you love. If you are a heart or transplant patient I would LOVE for you […]

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My Mannish Boy


I almost wet my pants, yes – I said it, when my two-year-old was jamming out with my husband…asked for the harmonica…and continued to do this… Oh and if you are not familiar with Muddy Waters or The Last Waltz, you must watch this first to understand the significance… Obviously Finn is quite familiar with […]

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“Words” [#FEBphotoaday] No. 2


I received what could be the cutest Valentine’s card ever from my mom today. Bunting + tissue = adorable Plus, robin’s egg blue and a bold red is one of my favorite color combinations.  Cute, right?

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“My View Today” [#FEBphotoaday] No. 1


It came pouring down around these parts today; and with no thunder or lightning, what’s a mom to do but let a kid run as free as he pleases scooping up mud and splashing through the mire formerly know as the backyard.

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Beach Debut 2012


Saturday afternoon we took a short drive down the road to the ocean front, and Finn was quite pleased to make his first appearance.         It is mind-boggling that it has been almost a year since this post.

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Instagram + Sweet Shot Tuesday


Just a hand full of phone pics from the past few days…

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